Sunday, April 1, 2012


This is Pa, of Lala and Pa.  My dad's father.  As of Tuesday, he isn't with us anymore, but I'm sure he's watching Wheel of Fortune and eating all the chocolate pie he wants in a real comfy lazy boy somewhere.

I was lucky enough to be able to come home for the funeral on Friday and be with most of my family this weekend as we remembered who Pa was, learned new things about him, and supported each other as this man of 92 isn't sitting in his chair anymore. 

He and Lala were married 67 years and she now wears his cross necklace and wedding ring around her neck.  The beauty and strength and grace and peace that I have seen in her over these last few days form a lump in my throat as I think about her.

But Pa's memory will always live on, as my father has traits and characteristics in him that were created, nurtured and molded by Pa.  And every time I look at my toe ring, I will imagine him asking me "Leah, what's that ring on your toe? Are you engaged? Haha, my oh my, I've never seen anything quite like that before."

Thank goodness I never take it off and can think of him often.


  1. Oh my dear Leah. I am so sorry for your loss. I am really glad that you were able to go home and be with family during that time though, I am sure that warmed your heart, and theirs.

    Much love,

  2. Thanks! It made all the difference in being able to be with the fam! Miss you!

  3. LeLe,

    How hard. I love you and I'm thinking about you. Thanks for your beautiful thoughts about Pa.

  4. Man, I've heard you talk about your Pa and Lala a lot over the years. I'm so sorry to hear that he passed. But so glad you have awesome memories of him to carry with you. Sending you and your family some love for sure and thinking about you guys. <3