Friday, May 27, 2011

Me is We


This guy came to our 2nd Semi Annual LiNK Talent Show last night - he's a friend of one of the interns. And he recently sold his truck to make these t-shirts that have the above logo (sort-of) on it. To spread the thought of the collective, the destruction of "I," and the sickness that lies behind "me, me, me."

And I think that sums up the thoughts that have been circulating in my brain as of late. Competition. War. Attention. Spotlights. Look-at-me-attitudes.

Me needs to be we. We need to highlight each other, give the glory to others, raise each others names up for honor and praise. Not ourselves.

Sometimes I wonder why I have so much love for my family. Why I feel so connected to them and often have deep desires to be with them and talk to them. And I think it's because I feel alive and supported when I'm with them. And it's weird because I know that's not the norm. And because of that I feel weird and kind of infant-like when I think about moving home come December. We is the Garrard family.

As I was riding to work today, some high school memories came flooding back. Of when my parents would pick me up from school in our old, yet well kept vans/cars which always had a squealing, loose belt or a muffler that was broken. And I laughed for the solid 15 minute drive to work. Tears streaming down my face, remember how huffy I got at those moments of utter embarrassment.

As embarrassed and mortified as I was growing up, my parents are freaking awesome. They drove me to school and picked me up every day because I was new to town and the bus freaked little 14 year old me out.

And I got a letter from my mom today telling me that she was thinking of me, telling me how proud I should be of what I am doing.

I'm really looking forward to my time at home. Immersing myself in the people who taught me to say what I mean and mean what I say. To be as intentional as possible with my words because words have power to hurt or uplift. To strive to live my life with integrity and truth. To seek construction and not destruction.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

I'm also really ready to be home for a while.

Space needed.
One of my favorite things about Tumblr is exploring the #Prose.

Contrary to advice from past friends, I've always thought matters of the heart are silly for me to be concerned with. However, it's utterly impossible to ignore the twinge of pain in my physical heart muscle and the heaviness that lies on my shoulders when it comes to the matters of the heart that do exist.

And as I explore #Prose, I wade into the sorrows and romantic confessions and missed opportunities and sadness that is a universal and natural obsession by people. The majority of these strangers' writings are about love and loss. They give advice to speak up about your heart's desires and they lament with the pain that comes with breakups and the passing of affection.

With that said, all that is left to say is, BLARGH.