Monday, January 31, 2011


Do you ever have those days where you just really want there to be someone in your life who will ask you how your day was and really be interested in the answer? Someone who won't forget to ask you?

I have friends here. I have beautiful people in my life, but no one to ask how my day was. No one to listen to me complain about friendships. No one to listen to me venting.

That's the one single problem with my friends all being friends with each other - gossiping/venting can create painful effects. I have been incredibly convicted lately to stop gossiping. It's so hard not to. I literally cannot make myself stop. So let me gossip about my own life's embarrassments.

I was talking to my brother and new sister last night about dating. Will awkwardly asked if I had any other relationships in my life, after asking about work and friends, obviously referring to the boy kind. I laughed and said, not really. I don't know how to date. Then his beautiful wife gave me the guidance I had been lacking for 23 years. (Y'all, this is pretty embarrassing) She said the key is flirting. Eye contact and touching.

Who knew?! So simple!

She then asked me if I thought of myself as being sexy. I laughed uncomfortably. That has never been a word to describe myself. And she said, no not like sexual, but just your own kind of sexy. I still said no. But now that I think about it, yes I am sexy. I like sociology and I think learning is incredibly sexy. I think working for a cause you believe in is sexy. I think wavy brown hair is sexy. I think letting the apple of my eye be my niece is super sexy.

So, yes, I am sexy. She said, Leah, you need to have confidence in who you are. You need to find yourself sexy and then others will too.

Sigh, I like me. But I'm not confident others will. Other boys.

Watch out, men. I will be locking eyes with you and touching you. A lot. Gotta make up for a lot of lost time.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

What to do on a Saturday afternoon in Hollywood?

Go to a taping of Wendy Williams' new show, of course! Yesterday two gal pals and me were audience members of "Love Triangle," a new show that will be airing on the Game Show Network in April. That's right. It's a game show to help people figure out their romantic quandaries.

Now, I signed a contract that said if I told anyone what happened, I would have to pay $1,000,000 and I just don't have that kind of money. But I will tell you this. It's going to blow your minds. Just when you thought you knew which guy the girl was gonna choose, SURPRISE!

April 19th. Watch it.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


When it's a Tuesday and you live in California, of course you'll have a picnic lunch in a park. With friends.

A few must haves when attending a picnic: "ants on a log," a giant grapefruit-type fruit, PB&Js, blue skies, sunshine, cute friends, and a blanket.

Maybe Tuesday Picnics will become a "thing." Thank you, Lindsay, for all of the goodies!

Hutcheson Ridge

Note: Dr. Robert S. Hutcheson, Jr is my really rad G-pa.

"The U.S. Board on Geographic Names was created in 1890 to maintain uniform geographic place names. New place names can be proposed and after public review may be approved if certain criteria are met. On January 13th a new name was approved for Virginia. Hutcheson Ridge in Rockbridge County commemorates Dr. Robert S. Hutcheson, Jr. (1919-2003), a Lexington native and noted Roanoke physician. The 3,070 foot high, 1.2 mile long ridge is located at the southern end of Little North Mountain, on the north side of Goshen Pass."

Sunday, January 16, 2011

This weekend was a big 'ol bag of fun! My good friend, Lindsay, was back from her short stint in Kansas. She has officially moved out here to attend fashion school at FIDM and I am so glad. We did many fun things this weekend including El Burrito and some good tree-burnin' bonfire festivities.

This next pictures were taken by a very sweet woman named Steph, who befriended us at the bonfire and was so keenly interested in LiNK and my life. Moments like that restore my faith in the connection of humanity.

Oh, and this is what happens to Christmas trees that don't fulfill their Christmas destinies..

I have good people in my life. I'm grateful.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I feel like I write my most readable posts when I'm angsty and confused and frustrated with not knowing. But life is going really well right now. I had better not speak too soon, though.

So let's talk boys. As I'm growing up, meeting new people, meeting new guys, I've started to shed away my "non-negotiables" or those things that I've thought I always really, really wanted in a guy. And I've started to realize what's important. It's not the beard, it's not the style, it's not the perfect jaw structure, but instead it's the heart. It's the brain. It's what he does when he sees someone being made fun of for their race or their sexuality or their gender.

It's how he functions when no one is looking and with what discernment and excitement he approaches each day.

My parents have one of the greatest love stories. My dad showed such patience and my mom was such the indecisive one. So the story goes, they met in grad school, both studying Social Work. I think during their second year, they both had an internship in the same town, which was a 45 minute drive away, so they and a few other classmates carpooled together. During that time, my dad asked my mom out on a date. Mom said yes and they went.

But no sparks flew. Mom told him that she felt they should just be friends. And so they were. For some time after. And dad was okay with that. He let it be.

But eventually, dad asked her on another date. And they went. Mom realized that this man was authentic, genuine, and will forever be by her side, through the dark days and light. He wasn't flashy or the life of the party, though he did have a really sick mustache at the time.

And it's true. He's been here every day. Never has even thought about abandoning our family or even checking out mentally. He's always there to give advice and guidance and take my annoying calls about car stuff at any time. I'm lucky to have a dad like that.

I've had some incredible examples of authentic men in my life. My dad, brother and brother-in-law. Now, to find one more so they can all go on canoe trips together.