Sunday, November 11, 2012

Goodbye, Again

Again, I'm leaving in more ways than one.  To another adventure, but one that I know.  And off of this blog.  I lost touch with this thing somewhere between the last few transitions and it's probably best that I move on.  I left all my angst and frustrations in therapy, so this thing has little use for me.  Until I have adorable children and then I can compete with the best mommy bloggers out there, cause that's basically all that exist, right?

But, in real life, I'm going back to Hawai'i for the winter.  I know.  What a drag.  On an island for the winter?  Ughhhh, make it stop.

The farm I worked on earlier this year offered me a paid position and I jumped at the chance.  The work is hard and enduring, but it's worth it.  And the winter chub has already started to rear its ugly head, so I'm ready to get back into macadamia nut husking shape. And I'll be back with that incredible family that taught me how to live minimally, yet fully.  Composting toilet, I've missed you only a little.

SO! Anyone that wants to come visit, you have a home with me.  And, yes, I'll let you use the composting toilet.