Friday, March 23, 2012


I'm alive. I promise.  It's just that I've been a bit too preoccupied with going to bed at 8pm and rising at 630am that I haven't had time to do anything but live in freakin' Hawaii.  My bad :)

My gosh I can't believe I arrive here one month ago.  To the day.  February 23rd.  And wowzah it's been pretty awesome.

Since I last wrote an entry, I have walked on volcanoes, sat on black sand, sipped on lulo, used a chainsaw, met with Pele (goddess of the volcano), gotten a million more freckles, danced my booty off, and laughed until I peed (a couple of times).  It's been wild.  (Why do I keep using that word to describe my experience?)

But seriously. I wrote an email to my friend the other day describing the difference I feel.  Yes, I feel self-indulgent.  Living to live and take care of myself and make myself happy.  But I feel happy.  And that is a fairly new feat for me.  Living for the care of others was awesome and rewarding in different ways, but this feeling I have almost consistently is strange and new.  I laugh.  A lot.  More than usual.  Like laughing until I have to sit down and can't speak.

I don't know if it's this island or the people I am with or the work that I am doing which is releasing endorphines everyday into my blood stream, but I like it.  And it's felt really nice to not be worried about things except my task at hand, which can consist of sorting mac nuts or picking coffee or shoveling out a trailer or washing bins or weedwacking or pulping coffee.

I'm starting to think a lot about what the next few months hold for me and I'm not so sure.  Maybe stay here a little longer?  I'll definitely return home for our annual Goshen trip at the end of June, but where I'll be between then and now is unknown to me.  Any ideas?  South Korea has been thrown into the mix.

Life is an adventure and I'm trying not to plan it out too much, but you can't take the Leah out of the mix either. And that ol' Leah, she is a worrier and a planner.

Hawaii is good.  It's great.  I think we are meant to work out for a little while longer.  Aloha!


  1. Leah!!!

    I got SO happy to see that you posted a blog! I love hearing your Hawaii stories. I love that you are enjoying it and laughing and taking care of yourself! You deserve this, girl.

    I miss you lots. Like for reals. I went to the LA LiNK Premiere on Thursday night, and I kept wishing you were there with me. It's just not the same.

    Send me your address when you can!


    1. Ahhh I can't imagine the weirdness that you felt. Ick! I'll get you that address ASAP. Much love!

  2. Leah, so glad to hear that you're enjoying yourself. I wish I were there having an adventure with you. I love you.

  3. I haven't "actually" farmed or anything...just what I did when I used to help my grandpa on his farm as a kid (aka get in his way, hah). But in the little work that i've done outside and lots of time spent hiking--I really think living simply and more self sufficiently is pretty key to human happiness. My mom always says she never sees farmers in the doctor's office for depression and hardly ever for being really sick. It really baffles me why we've strayed so far from that way of life. It's purposeful. It makes sense. And I'm totally envious! I hope to make my dreams of living more along those lines come true one day. Still holding on to it!
    So glad to hear you're happy doing this :). Awesome stuff.